Private Cloud

  • KVM and Xen Server
  • VMware vCenter
  • Full Control
  • Secure
  • Both On Premise and Data Center


The need of building a private cloud is for customer who need highly regulated industry for security and performance. You can host cloud infrastructure in nearest data center or on-premise. We will help you on implementation, management of your cloud and meet regulatory compliance requirements

  • Private Cloud on VMware Vcenter infrastructure.

    Build your world class robust cloud with VMware Vcenter and Vcloud. We will host your cloud in our tier IV datacenter and provide fuly manage support.

  • Private Cloud on OpenStack/OpenNebula, Liunx KVM

    Build your own open source cloud platform using OpenStack or OpenNebula or CloudStack using Linux KVM hypervisor.

  • Private Cloud on Microsoft Hyper-V

    Build your world class robust cloud with Microsoft hyper-V . We will host your cloud in our tier IV datacenter and provide fully manage support.


Why choose us



We are expert in building cloud. You can connect with us and build your own cloud. We have experts that have proper information regarding their work and they will build your cloud that you will definitely like. We are dedicated towards our work.


24/7 Support

We have a team that will help you throughout the process. If you stuck at any point, connect with our team, they will handle your issues and suggest you a better solution of it. You can connect with them at any time. They are available 24/7.


Both Hardware and Software support

We provide support in case of any hardware and software need. If you want any resources, get in touch with us. We are available round the clock for you and provide the best stuff to you as per your need. We support both hardware and software resources.


Data Centre in India

We Monitor our server 24/7 and provide 2/4 customer support available through Chat and Email and Call. [Link to contact]


24/7 Chat/Call and Ticket support

When you opt for our services, you will get technical support by phone and email 24/7. Our dedicated team has multiple members that are present round the clock to give you full support. You can connect with them whenever required.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We are the customer-centric company and following up the best practices to achieve higher customer satisfaction. Continuously we are working to make our clients stand out from their competitors.

What we will do ?

  • 1. Existing System analysis and Capacity Planning

    First of all, we do whole analysis of the existing system. Examine it and then do capacity planning. This allows our work to execute smoothly.

  • Deployment of private cloud

    We execute the process of private cloud. We will not sit peacefully till your private cloud is executed and run smoothly and effectively.

  • Training and consulting

    If you are getting any issue with your private cloud, connect with us. We provide free training and consulting option to you for your cloud to run effectively.

  • Infrastructure Management

    We help you in managing your infrastructure. You can contact us in case you need to manage your infrastructure. We are available 24/7.


What Would You Like To Know?

What is difference between private and public cloud.

Private cloud is cloud computing platform where the whole inline server hardware is dedicated to you. Sometime storage and network switch is also dedicated to you connected to private cloud server.
Whereas, server hardware resources is shared by other customer in case public cloud. In case of Private cloud other customer are separated physical whereas customers are isolated by each other by hypervisor layer.

Is Private cloud is secure?

Yes, private cloud is secure as each customer are isolated by each other by hypervisor layer. You can increase the security by deploying other security mechanism comes with cloud such as VCP, NAT Gateway, CloudFront etc.

Can I have any control panel frontend to monitor and create server whenever required?

Yes, we provide this facility where you can have control panel frontend to monitor and create server whenever required.

Can I host in my office premise?

Yes, you can host in your office premise.

Can I have PCI-DSS and ISO 270001 Certified on my private cloud?

Yes, you can have PCI-DSS and ISO 270001 certified on your private cloud. For this, you need to contact us.

Do we need cloud engineer to maintain server uptime?

No, we manage server uptime on our own. We do not need cloud engineer to maintain server uptime.

Can I achieve high availability?

Yes, you can achieve high availability. However, we will have redundancy in place for high availability

What is the backup plan?

We provide backup plans. On-premise backups and cloud backups are the plans that we provide. You can contact us for more details.